Daniel Leslie Unsicker and Marie Mathilda Suchert, circa 1945

When Daniel Leslie Unsicker was born on September 17, 1887, in Hopedale, Illinois, his father, Christian, was 48 and his mother, Wilhelmina, was 39. He married Marie Mathilda Suchert on March 29, 1911, in Pekin, Illinois. When Marie Mathilda Suchert was born on May 22, 1887 14 miles away in Morton, her father, Ernest, was 22, and her mother, Augusta, was 20. Dan and Marie had 12 children in 20 years; 11 of the children lived to adulthood; 10 lived into their 80s and 90s. Don “Ben” is still thriving at 97, about to turn 98 in a few weeks. Daniel died on November 1, 1951, in Mackinaw, Illinois, at the age of 64. Marie died 29 years after Daniel on March 6, 1980, in Pekin, Illinois, at the age of 92.

At this point in their lives, circa 1945, it’s about two years after the death of Ralph. Daniel and Marie had already hosted several large Unsicker reunions. A tradition that would last many decades and keep their children and their families connected well into the next century.

Here is a little animation I created to get a feel for the physical presence of Daniel…

The following picture is from about 1945. If so, that means both are about 58 years old.


I first colorized the image here…

I then created the animation above. I hope you enjoyed this brief tribute to Dan and Marie.

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