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1943 05 30 Ruth Unsicker, MP restored

Henry Getz and Ruth Unsicker

photo-DALL·E 2023-03-01 15.42.54

Norway Patronymics, The Ancestral Story of Ben Gjerde and Kari Horn

photo-DALL·E 2023-03-01 15.41.02

Researching Norwegian Ancestors Using Placenames


Two Names: Naming Norwegian-Americans in Genealogy


Book Translation: Tollef Docken, Randi Gjerde Family History by Ruby Heen

1901 09 05 Jones+Emma Wedding, Probably Wedding Photo

Jones Prestwood and Emma Van Syckel

1875 abt, R.H. Lowe, sister, parents, and unknown 1

Isabella Baxter (1848-1882)

1945 Abt. Marie and Dan Unsicker, cropped_sepia

Daniel Leslie Unsicker and Marie Mathilda Suchert, circa 1945


July 2021: Mike Refinishes Garden Gnome

1913 abt, Lupton Kids, Turn of the Century

Biography: Susan Louise Cook-Clark/Lupton (1876-1955)

end table 3

June 2021: Mike Restores their old Bench & End Tables

6.Bouquet 1

Glenn Unsicker & Dorothy Homann Wedding, June 25, 1960

Betty Fisher post background, MP

Family Connection: Betty Fisher Tilt, Great Granddaughter of Frederick Kahler

1858 abt, Samuel Lupton, 1

Biography: Samuel Lupton (1838-1906)

Civil War Cannons at Antietam National Battlefield

The Prestwood Brothers: A Tragic Civil War Story


Roger Williams Bio Link


Research: Our Family Connection to Roger Williams

Thayles Ancestor Book-header

Read PDF Book: Ancestors of Adelbert P. Thayer, Florine Thayer McCray

Les Jr. About 1943 Riding Sweetheart

My Favorite Picture of My Dad


Prestwood-Flint 24×36 Poster


Prestwood-Flint 5×7 Gallery


Lupton-Cook-Clark Gallery


Lowe-Wright Gallery


Family-Connection to Pearl Harbor: Alfred Homann and the Arizona

1873-77 ABT, Rhoda Taylor, MP edit, MP labelled

Rhoda Ann Taylor (1853-1928)

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