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About my writing style.

Society says that you can be judged on a single act. You can be a perfectly good person, do good acts your whole life, and either make a mistake or a bad decision and society will turn on you. This is part of the nature of our existence.  

When writing about family history, I think it is okay and preferred to focus on the positive. The beginnings of relationships. Yes, I’ll discuss and even speculate on the bumps in the road here and there (I am human), but I strive to come from a positive viewpoint. Good, bad, or indifferent the end of a relationship does not negate the love story that transpired. The fact that many relationships fail after the honeymoon is more of a statement on the human condition than it is on the love that brought two people together.

Society likes to pretend life, especially love, is neat and clean, and it is sometimes. Love is especially clean and fun during the golden period. The time from first meeting until it’s not fun any more. Whether public or not, many journeys are messy or at least have messy spots. Societal pressures cause some to be embarrassed about their lot in life, decisions they’ve made, and life’s turns. Many want to brush over the blemishes, forever. They want to keep things hidden deep in the minds of all involved never to be seen again. There is evidence of that in this story. With time some come to terms with life’s bumpy road. Others, don’t give a fuck right out the gate. When writing about history, my approach is to write about life as lived with a dash of respect for all.I realize people may not be liked, have done things bad.

Relationship Focus

There are lots of ways to organize people and stories. For the most part, I prefer to focus on relationships whether married or not as well as other “it’s complicated” relationships. When two people come together, I think it’s magical especially when that relationship blossoms into love and flourishes. Sometimes relationships last until death, sometimes not. Breakups can be smooth or rough. The negativity can tarnish any and all involved, but doesn’t have to. Think about it, love stories told to you in your life usually end at a high point. Sometimes there’s a “and they lived happily ever after” but many times it just ends on a happy note. Every wonder what happened to the happy couple after the story? Well, life happened. I’m sure at least some bickering and fighting occurred, some minor betrayals, maybe major, definitely lots of ups, and downs.

This website focuses on the following people and their ancestors.



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