Family Connection: Betty Fisher Tilt, Great Granddaughter of Frederick Kahler

Betty Fisher Tilt contacted me via ancestry.com. She is the 98-year old great-granddaughter of Frederick Kahler and Dorothea Beitz. Betty was born in 1921. Her grandfather was Gottlieb Philip Kahler (our ancestor Wilhelmina Kahler was Gottlieb’s sister).

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Biography: Samuel Lupton (1838-1906)

Samuel Lupton was born in England in 1838. In 1846, at 8 years old he immigrated with his family. He first married Elizabeth Reynolds in 1864 (she died in 1871). He then married Harriet Freer in 1873. He had 3 kids with Elizabeth, and 4 with Harriet. He died in 1906, age 68.

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Civil War Cannons at Antietam National Battlefield
Civil War

The Prestwood Brothers: A Tragic Civil War Story

Most of my family does not know the name of my great grandfather Jones Prestwood, nor of his father Evander Prestwood, nor the history of …

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Roger Williams

Roger Williams Biography

My 10th great grandpa! There are plenty of articles and books on Roger Williams’ accomplishments. In this article I went back and researched the earliest historical documents available including the writings of Roger Williams.

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Research: Our Family Connection to Roger Williams

One of my favorite family stories is Roger Williams, my 10th Great Grandpa! This article documents the important details that link each generation to the …

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Read PDF Book: Ancestors of Adelbert P. Thayer, Florine Thayer McCray

Lowe-Wright Genealogy. This book has a few of our ancestors including Roger Williams, Thomas Olney, John Sayles, and Roger Williams’ daughter Mary Williams who married John Sales Jr.

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