Family Connection: Betty Fisher Tilt, Great Granddaughter of Frederick Kahler

Betty Fisher Tilt contacted me via She is the 98-year old great-granddaughter of Frederick Kahler and Dorothea Beitz. Betty was born in 1921. Her grandfather was Gottlieb Philip Kahler (our ancestor Wilhelmina Kahler was Gottlieb's sister).

The 98-year old great-granddaughter of Frederick Kahler and Dorothea Beitz contacted me via She said she has pictures and stories. I’ll post anything she gives me here on this post.

Here is the first message:

“Are you in the Fisher family tree? I am a daughter of Charles” –Betty Tilt, 31 Jul 2019

Who is Betty Tilt?

Betty is Betty Fisher born in 1921 in the descendant chart below. She is the great-granddaughter of Frederick Kahler and Dorothea Beitz. The chart below shows only two siblings, but I believe that is incomplete. Betty indicated in a message that she is “a” daughter of Charles Fisher.

Wilhelmina’s Brother Gottlieb Philip Kahler and Frances

Betty’s grandfather was Gottlieb Philip Kahler (our ancestor Wilhelmina Kahler was Gottlieb’s sister). Gottlieb filed for divorce from Frances in 1911. Gottlieb died in 1922 when Betty was about one year old. His wife Francis Kahler died in 1940 when Betty was about 19 years old.¬†Based on Betty referring to Frances as “grandma Frances Kahler”, I suspect Frances either never remarried or at least stayed in close contact with the Kahler family.

Here is a 5×7 image I made in 2017 from a Gottlieb picture I downloaded from In 2017 I found evidence he was divorced by 1910, but I now know they separated in 1910 and he filed for divorce in 1911.

Gottlieb’s sister Wilhelmina Kahler (1848-1926) married Christian Unsicker, Sr. (1839-1928). When Wilhelmina Kahler was born on June 6, 1848, in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany, her father, Frederick, was 29, and her mother, Dorothea, was 25. She married Christian Unsicker on May 20, 1867, in Tazewell, Illinois. They had 12 children in 27 years. She died on January 8, 1926, in Hopedale, Illinois, at the age of 77, and was buried in Tremont, Illinois.

Who is Betty Tilt to me?

For the record, Betty Tilt is the 2nd cousin 1x removed of my wife Lisa Jane Unsicker-Prestwood. The “2nd cousin” means that Lisa and Betty share a common ancestor, specifically the 2nd great grandparents of Lisa. The “1x removed” means that Betty is 1 generation removed from Lisa.

DNA Matches to Glenn Allen Unsicker

As of November 2019, my father-in-law Glenn Allen Unsicker has 37 DNA matches through Frederick Kahler on, 5 of which continue through Gottlieb Kahler.


Here are the 5 DNA matches through Gottlieb as of November 2019. The Betty Tilt highlighted here is the Betty Fisher who is the focus of this article. We have a DNA match between Glenn Allen Unsicker and Betty Fisher Tilt. Messages so far

After the initial message I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Betty Tilt (Fisher) sent the following:

“I am sorry but I am very elderly and have no one to assist me how are we related?”

I then replied with:

“Hi, is this Mike Bell, or Betty Tilt? I see that your tree is empty. I’d have to see your ancestors to know how we’re related. Perhaps start by entering your parents, grandparents, etc.

If you have questions, you can message me.” –Mike Prestwood

Betty then replied with enough information so that I could identify her:

“Hello Michael,
Josephine Kahler was my…mother. I saw her mother Frances Kahler a few times in my life (my grandmother) as she lived in Peoria Illinois and I lived in Washington State.
I am very eldery, born in March 1921. I do know a little about my Grandmother’s family. Do you think we are related thru the Kahler line and how? My father was Charles Nicholas Fisher born in Buxton Oregon on December 4, 1895. He was the second oldest of 11 children. Mother and father were George and Julia Fisher. Maybe this is enough for a start, I knew a llittle of both sides of my famiy. However I am not familar at putting the tree together. I dont think. If you say hello to me i will feel i have accomplished a major feat in my life. Have pictures but doubt i could manage to send any. Sincerely, Betty Fisher Tilt”

I then replied with the following:

“Hi Betty,
I found you in my family tree. I have a nice picture of your grandpa Gottlieb Kahler in a digital frame, an electronic picture frame. If you give me your email, I will send you a copy via email.
You are a cousin to my wife Lisa Jane Unsicker, but I do the family history for us. I’m interested in anything you want to share with me (pictures, stories, info).

Here is how we are related:
My wife Lisa’s dad is Glenn Allen Unsicker and he was raised near Peoria, IL. His parents were Daniel Leslie Unsicker and Mary Suchert. His grandpa was Christian Unsicker who married Wilhelmina Kahler.
Wilhelmina Kahler was the sister to your grandpa Gottlieb Philip Kahler. Gottlieb died in 1922 so you would have only been one year old. His wife Francis Kahler died in 1940 when you were about 19 years old.

Please write back when you wish and tell me more about your grandma Francis Kahler.

I will post additional information I receive or find to this post.

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