Glenn Unsicker & Dorothy Homann Wedding, June 25, 1960

The wedding album in this post is the same as the one in the Homann-Rudisill gallery.

Glenn Allen Unsicker married Dorothy Homann in California on June 25, 1960, when he was 27 years old, Dorothy was 22 years old. The wedding and reception were held at Dorothy’s parent’s home in Santa Rosa.

Here is a description of their wedding from Dorothy herself:

I met Glenn some time in June of 1957. I can’t pin down the date, but it was after the weekend that Beth and Leonard treated Daph and me to a weekend in Berkeley and San Francisco after our H.S. and JC graduations.  A friend from HS brought him over. They had been to school at University of Iowa. Anyway, they were sitting at the TABLE (a sacred space) with Daddy and I was upstairs taking a nap. I heard different voices. When I got down to see, I saw this NEW kid on the block. Friend introduced us, etc. I remember going out to the driveway by the gravenstein apple tree. We were leaning on a car and Glenn was eating an apple. I think he said “What’s worse than finding a worm in an apple?” and I said “Finding half a worm’.

Three years later we had a nice simple wedding on the front lawn. We got salami from Traverso’s. A cake lady put our cake together on the back porch. We got Rev Stansberry from the Christian church. Glenn had played basketball there. We mailed out handwritten invitations.

We worked hard on the lawn and rose garden. We had some tall terracotta pipes that made good stands for potted plants. We went to Grohe’s for pelargoniums. Our “color” was Pink in various guises. I chose pink because we went up and down Fourth Street looking for a suitable dress shop. We found the perfect dress that fit and it had pink ribbon trim. I had a good pair of white shoes, so we made pink and white a them. Daph was my maid of honor and she had a sweet pink dress.

A number of things happened in a few weeks. I graduated from Cal on June 11. It was all arranged for Glenn’s mom to come out and he was on his way picking her up. He was on 101 driving the simca when he was bashed in the rear by a truck which meant they came to Santa Rosa by Greyhound. When everyone was safe at home, Glenn and I made several trips to San Mateo to check on the car. We ended up with a smashing 47 Pontiac. Beautiful.

In between I went to Berkeley to sing for the wedding of one of our friends. By the time of our wedding everything was done. Grandma Unsicker (Mom) made potato salad. She and Grandmimi sat out in the shade of bamboo with their tea and chatted up a storm. Other people potlucked things, but we were still working on the car problem.

We had cousins, aunts and uncles family friends such as Elizabeth Burbank, and Glenn had Ray and Toma, Fifi and harold and their kids. Jo was hostess. She was good at that. Leah played her cello. Leonard and Beth helped with the receiving and Leonard took pictures and made slides.

When we left I think everybody went back to eating. Jon Hoffman was Best Man and he hid the Pontiac around on Benton Street and so we took off. We went through San Francisco and stopped at Tommy’s Joint. I think I was so tired I couldn’t finish my food but I drank the Berlinerweisse! We were headed to San Jose. Beautiful. No smog in 1960. We took up residence in Agnews State Hospital. Home sweet home.

Click image below to view wedding album:

Here is there wedding announcement in the newspaper:

Glenn and Dorothy had three daughters: Annie, Lisa, and Amy.

This picture is their most iconic family photo:

This picture taken about 1981 of their Milpitas home is how I remember it.

All three girls grew up in this home from about 1972. Prior to that they lived on Greathouse drive just a few streets over from the home I grew up at on Manferd street. I wonder if Lisa Jane and I ever saw each other at the local Sunnyhills grocery store?

Here is a picture of the retaining wall Glenn build in the backyard. Lisa told me he gathered stones from a local river.

Picture taken Easter 1980.
Picture of Amy in backyard taken Jan 3, 1979. You can see the stairs Glenn built to the back fence. There were wood stairs that led up to the back fence where Glenn put a gate. Glenn used the gate frequently to start his daily runs.
Glenn with Luca in the backyard about 1984.


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